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31.01.2024 - First month of the year, new years wishes

Something I've never done was new years resolutions. It's always felt like a performative way to pretend you're changing, when I know I'm not changing for shit.

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  • 21.02.2024So recently I started an original comic strip (in spanish, but I might make a translation some day), and I plan on updating the strips on this website too, although you can find the pages more easily on the comic website.
  • 23.01.2024 Uh, remember when I said I might change my entire layout again? I meant it. I had a bit of an episode and sat down to make an entire layout from semi-scratch. Took me a long time, but I'm finally satisfied with what I made! Hooray for improvement!
  • 21.01.2024: Moved around a couple things, added a random sonic facts generator.
  • 20.1.2024:I've been looking at a lot of other neocities sites, and something I've noticed is that a lot of them make their own graphics and assets, so I gave it a shot to do the same. I also updated the art of my fursona, since that icon is very old and outdated. Unfortunately I'm not at home and I had to use my old drawing tablet that doesn't work that well anymore, so it looks a bit funky. Oops! Well, it's good enough.

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